Music written for Artist, Bukeka Style,  showcased on 38 the spot "Behind the Spotlight"

TL Jones Featured in Magazine

I grew up listening to her on KPRS, and now, she has become a friend! I would have never thought that I would be asked to do an interview for someone of such prestige. She held my hand as I answered the questions and made me feel comfortable. She is a very talented woman who is a pillar of the community and I know that she is going to do many great things in the future. 

Guiding Starz LLC Nominated for Kansas City Music Awards in two categories for 2017!

This opportunity changed my life. This magazine will be the jewel of Kansas City in no time. I had the pleasure of being included in the first ever edition of this magazine. The people were great the experience was nothing short of amazing. I have never in life been surrounded by people who had prestige but also showcased such class. I will never forget this opportunity for the rest of my life. The launch party actually launched my career. I will forever be grateful to the staff!

TL Jones Listed as Poet of the Month

TL Jones Interviewed for Julee Jonez online radio show

It's nice to be recognized for the things that you do! I want to thank for awarding me this opportunity! Even through the promotion ended, I still encourage you to go the website and support African American author's of all genres! This is a great site to find even greater reads!

This is such a honor! I have been working very hard and it is a great feeling to know that you are being recognized for it! I have been nominated for two awards. The first award is for "Best Entrepreneur" for GuidingStarz. The second is for the category of "Underdog" of which my actual name, Ty'esha Jones, is listed. Although I did not win either category, I thank you guys for supporting me and I look forward to doing more outstanding things in the year 2017!

The best way to get your name out there is to do interviews of course! This page is dedicated to give you guys a better insight to TL Jones and all of the clients here at Guiding Starz by giving you access to what 

TL Jones Interviewed for TV

Towards the beginning of my author career, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for my local news station. The person who interviewed me was so caring. She made the experience memorable, not to mention that her editing skills are impeccable! This story really captured the essence of who I am and what I went through to get here. I am hoping to do another follow up with them soon!

I have been writing music for various artist for years, but now, that music is being recognized! This is only the beginning, but it is a monumental first step. I plan on working with 38 the spot more in the future.