Charitable Organizations

Charity is something that is at the heart of Guiding Starz. This company would not be where it is at without the goodwill of others. So, with that being said, we would like to take this time to mention some Not-For-Profits and Charitable Organizations that are close to our hearts. Even if Guiding Starz does not meet your criteria, take the time to look at these remarkable organizations and donate. Every dollar counts!

There are a lot of talented Entertainers out there without the funds to take themselves to the next level. If you want to help them achieve the next level, please donate to the Guiding Starz fund where all proceeds donated will be used to help aspiring Entertainers pay for services rendered by Guiding Starz

Guiding Starz

This remarkable studio allows children from all financial backgrounds to dance. They allow all students to apply for scholarships that are used towards dance classes administered by the studio. Please help this Studio so that they can keep doing great things for the inhabitants of Lawrence. Help them to keep aspiring little girls to dance.

Do you have or know of a charitable organization that is doing a great service to the community. Well, go over to the CONTACT page and give a brief description and contact information. We will review the information and if applicable, it will be incorporated on this page. 


This organization has been a staple in the Lawrence Community. Although this a huge organization, the staff members makes everyone feel important. This organization needs help in order to keep providing scholarships to parents for reduced prices.