Disclaimer: All products, images, lyrics, music, etc, belongs to the person submitting it unless there is an agreement between Guiding Starz and the participant/creator. Guiding Starz will not use any material or share any material without he consent of the owner. Each offered service will be accompanied with a disclaimer and explanation that will need to be signed prior to working with any group or individual. In addition to this disclaimer, Guiding Starz requires documentation proving that all images used belongs solely to the individual before continuing any partnership. 


Social media is such a beautiful thing. It connects us to important people, places, and things that we would have never had access to before. Guiding Starz has had a lot of success with media presence, but, with great power comes great responsibility. One wrongly placed word or opinion can be detrimental 


Sometimes you just need a little advice. So, this service is for those who are stuck and need information on where to go from here. Sometimes a consultation ends with Guiding Starz acquiring a new client, sometimes it doesn't. This hour long consultation will give you basic information that will help you get to the next level. If you decide not the pursue a working relationship with Guiding Starz, no hard feelings, but take all of the information that we have given you as a free parting gift! For an additional fee, we will record it and send the recording to you so that you do not have to worry about the hassle of notes. If you need help, say so. Closed mouths don't get fed!

One of the most popular type of consultations that Guiding Starz administers is manuscript consultations. That is when you give us your book manuscript, we read it, fill out a form, and talk to you about it and what we think you should do from this point forward. 

Guiding Starz is also knowledgeable about various different industries, so do not limit the consultations to just literary. 


Do you have a book that you think is a chart topper? Are you wanting to submit your work to publishers so that it can be professionally published. No problem! We can make that happen. With this type of service we ask that the manuscript be industry ready. That means that it needs to be edited to perfection and put into the proper manuscript format. If we have to do any of those things for you BEFORE submitting it to a publisher, we will charge you. Let us help you get your book into the right hands! 


Do you have a song that you need help writing? Or, do you have the majority of the song but lacking the hook? Or, do you have the hook but no additional lyrics? Let us help you piece the song together! With our extensive vocabulary, love of all genre's of music, and an ear for awesome melodies, we can make music gold! Each price varies depending on what is needed. Pricing will be discussed when the project is known in full. 


In additional to all of the other services that we are offering, we also dabble in the arts ourselves. Do you need a feature? Do you need something to fill a role for a play? Do you need a poet? Do you need a MC for your event? We can do this and much more! If we cannot provide the services that you are looking for, we can direct you to the right person, all you need to do is ask!


Do you like what you see? Enjoying my website so far? I am so glad! If you like what you see we can do the same for you. If you give us the platform, godaddy.com, wordpress.com, etc, we can create magic. If you think this is too much color or is not your style, visit some of the other sites that I have designed. If you have an idea, let us bring it to fruition. 




One of the hardest things to do as a new business owner or new Entertainment specialist is to discover who you are, who is your market, and what is your identity. Ultimately, to put all of those characteristics into one phrase, it is hard to determine your brand. So, Guiding Starz will help you develop your brand, how to cater to that brand, and how to keep managing it for years to come. 


Dealing with the press in any capacity can be a very traumatizing experience if you are not trained. So, instead of worrying about those press conferences, writing up press releases, coordinating shows and/or appearances, or answering questions from the press about very sensitive matters, why not let Guiding Starz do it for you? 


Are you trying to complete a project in a timely manner but keep getting distracted? Why not put that project management into the hands of Guiding Starz? We will ensure that all deadlines are met and offer professional opinions on how to make the project better. You do not have to do it alone.


One of the biggest factors of failure is lack of marketing and advertising. Do you have a big event and need help promoting it? Is your merchandise not selling? Are you marketing to the right audience? Am I speaking another language to you right now? If you cannot answer all of these questions with a coherent answer, and I do mean all, then let us help you. Seriously. We work with all events, merchandise, etc., and would love to help you reach that goal that you have set for yourself. 


Do you have a great idea but don't know how to package it? Are you wanting to break into the industry with the talent but lack the look? One of the biggest indicators of success is a recognizable and relatable brand or image. Let us help you be successful but helping you realize that perfect brand or image. 


This is a fancy way of saying that Guiding Starz is really good at creating flyers, programs, business cards, etc. If you come to us with your idea, we can make it tangible. We only ask that the images that you want to incorporate with your literature is 100% yours. Let's create some magic!


One thing that we do well here at Guiding Starz is party. We have attended all types of events from the formal to the casual. We have been everywhere from a really expensive ballroom with prominent individuals every where to a hype party in someone's basement with no idea on how we got there. Nevertheless, our point is this, if you have an idea for a party, we can help! With the help of POPPIN' BOTTLES, let us help you turn your event into something that will be remember for years to come. 

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