What is your most popular service?

We are all human and we all have questions. So, be sure to read through this section before committing to anything. If there is a question that is not addressed in this section, please go to the CONTACT page and fill out the form with the question and I will be sure to include it if applicable. 

The consultation process is when I review the materials that you have thus far, rather it is music, art, a book manuscript, fashion, etc, and I give you information on it's marketability and give you potential leads that can elevate you to the next level. Rather the lead is offering you my services or introducing you to a business or individual who can help you along your journey. The main goal of the consultation process is to establish a rapport, talk through your goals, and determine where you fit in. Harmless enough, right?

Oh, that's easy. We have two. The first one is the manuscript consultation. During this process we will read the book, fill out this fancy form that tells you about your book, who you should market it to, any changes you need to make, if any, and it includes at thirty minute phone conversation. It's pretty cheep, just saying. 

The second would have to be the songwriting services. What can we say? We have a way with words...


What is brand development? 

More questions and answers to come!

So, the biggest way to mess up a career that hasn't even started is a wrongly placed word, article, comment, like, tweet, snap, etc. Social media has become the preferred method of communication ranging from business to personal. The problem with social media being so available is that people tend to forget that it is a powerful tool to help future people of prestige to determine if they want to work with you. The whole purpose of this program is to determine what you can do to separate your personal life from your business, how to properly manage the traffic on your social media sites, what to post and what not to post. You know, the proper etiquette so that you do not have to be a stick in the mud but you are not letting it all hang loose either. There are plenty of ways to insert humor, sarcasm, opinions, and a plethora of other emotions without destroying everything that has been built so far. So, before you comment on that picture, before you post that status, before you go off on your mothers-cousins-sister-baby-dogs-grandchild, you may want to contact me, let me make sure that your BRAND and image is protected, and then you can post away..

The best way to answer this question is to first start off by defining brand. A brand is a type of product manufactured by a particular company, person, or under a particular name. To make it simplistic, a brand is your identity. So, if you are trying to emerge yourself into another industry, the question becomes, who are you? Why are you important? What do you represent? If you do not have that information already ready to go, that is an issue. So, if you have the ideas, songs, fashion designs, etc., but no identity, let us help you discover who you are, what you represent, and who to cater your product to. Nobody will buy what you are selling if you do not know how to package it properly. Remember, even the most successful companies started off with an idea which flourished into a brand.

What the heck is Social Media Presence and Literacy Training? It is 2017, I already have a plethora of social media sites and I know how to operate them. Why do I need this?

What is the consultation process?