It is hard breaking into the literary industry, believe me, I know. You need to have people on your side that is not afraid to read your manuscript and tell you the honest truth about what they read. That's what Guiding Starz can do for you! We can be that non-biased reader that will give you the nitty-gritty on the manuscript you have been working so hard on. For now, this is the only literary service I am providing, but don't fret, there will be more! 

Please be aware this is the ONLY service on the website where a price will be listed. My competitors have manuscript consultations starting at $150! To me, that is a bit outlandish for a person who is just starting to break into the literary industry. So, I am willing to read your manuscript, make notations throughout, and provide you with a detailed report all for $50. With this consultation services comes one 30 minute conversation on the phone where my notes can be explained in detail and I can answer any questions asked! This service will start when payment has been received. An invoice will be sent prior to your project being reviewed. Please allow 1- 2 weeks for delivery.