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Books and Music

One of the things that Guiding Starz does well is write music. There are a lot of songs that will be unveiled in the earlier part of 2017. So make sure to return to this page to to hear new music written by Guiding Starz and performed by new and upcoming artist! In the meantime, enjoy some new music from Bukeka Style (written by TL Jones of Guiding Starz and Bukeka Style)! Her EP will debut August 25th!

New Music!


The best way to showcase the musicality that Guiding Starz has is to record some random music for fun! So, enjoy some upbeat, fun music recorded by the CEO, TL Jones, herself. If you like the poems that were read, be sure to go to her website to buy the books!

Cedar Loft Publishing's own Katelyn Cummings has been featured in this month's edition of See Beyond Magazine. She is listed on page 18. Please buy the magazine and support a great author!

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